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Does your dog love to play with toys? Dog toys provide many benefits for...

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Village Vets via FacebookAt 11:08am, 3 Mar 2017

Highly recommended caring and knowledgeable vets and nurses. Very friendly and caring....

Toni Goodlet
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How do I puppy proof my home?

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Delahey Clinic via Instagram at 11:08am, 12 Dec 2016

HAVE YOU SEEN RUBY? Little Ruby is a blue 4 month...

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Village Vets via FacebookAt 12:58pm, 16 Feb 2017

Why the jab?? Vaccinations are critical to your...

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Village Vets via Twitter 23 hours ago

Village Vets Delahey is a veterinary clinic driven by a passion for animals, and providing the best care and support to their local pet community.

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We know that every pet has it’s own personality and needs, and our professional and friendly staff are dedicated to working collaboratively with pet owners to ensure that every patient is provided with the best care, treatment and environment possible.

We take great pride in ensuring our website is updated with the latest services and treatments available, community information, relevant petcare articles and more. We aim to provide care to lots of different types animals including cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets and exotic pets. Every pet is different and we are here to provide individualised support and treatment plans which are tailored to specific needs and budgets.